'Mining Minerals & Metals Mission (MMMM)'

to the DPRK; Thu-Mon. 8th-12th Nov.2012

Please state your particular area of mining or metals interest;

and for more details contact

+86 10 6553 2600



Korea Business Consultants Building Your Success A bridge between our worldwide customers and the right companies and organisations in the DPRK. Korea Business Consultants provides a range of professional products and services for foreign corporations interested in doing business in the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK), or "North Korea" as it is commonly known. KBC is widely recognised as the most specialised and experienced business consultancy offering services for those wanting to explore an emerging market with great potential.

KBC, KREST ENERGY and sister companies are primarily focused on the promotion of sustainable energy solutions & technologies for the Korean peninsula, and from China to the world. Mining and manufacturing are heavily dependent on sustainable energy supplies; we have a range of products and solutions that can make energy supplies stretch further & more cost-effectively – for a bright future and a better world.

We were among the first to identify the opportunities that North Korea could offer to enterprising companies. As a result, KBC clients benefit from our considerable experience and well-established contacts with this hard-working and largely industrial nation which finds itself on the threshold of fuller integration with the world economy. We believe the significant economic changes that have started to unfold will create major business opportunities for foreign companies with the right strategy.

About Us
We are particularly focused on the development of the mining, minerals and metals industry, as well as bringing much needed manufacturing to the many factories in Pyongyang and other cities that can offer cost-effective production and processing, using facilities and well trained and skilled workers...
Business in DPRK
Sectors such as mining, energy, agriculture and IT are not only open to foreign investment, the DPRK Government is actively encouraging foreign investment and expertise in these areas...
Products & Services
News Bulletin + KBC InfoPack, Sector / customised Reports, Risk-Analysis report, Connections & channels to market, KBC arranges visas & Pyongyang hosting & meeting arrangements, Business-Golf Challenge every May & Oct ...
DPRK investments fulfils the need to fund a strategic shift from a socialist economy toward implementing a "Chinese-style" market system, forming a Win-Win solution for the North Korean people and global Capitalists...
Market Entry Packs
KBC's Market Entry Information Packs & Logistics and Economic info packages (MEIPLE) provide our clients with essential business and economic information on the DPRK. Our information is sourced from both contacts in-country and access to exclusive statistics and insight from around the world. For anyone considering investment in the DPRK, KBC's MEIPLE packages are indispensable.
Korea Business Consultants provides a full range of products and services that facilitate the market entry and success of foreign companies in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)...

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